The strongest, most economical way to establish truss bearing support for multi-story ICF walls, decks, and porch connections.

Over 30 years ago, founding partner Bob Watkins created and patented the Original Watkins Hanger. Servicing the ICF community back then while being a contractor himself the orders took about 4 weeks or so to arrive.
I was his client, an ICF contractor in the Midwest and one day I called to place my order and he told me that he was going to close up shop and retire. His “manufacturing had skyrocketed and he just didn’t think he wanted to continue” said he.

I begged him for his drawings and offered to find him a better situation. After a bit, I was able to get him some competitive pricing from a local supplier and put the two together and said, “Can I place my order now”? We both laughed.

A few days later Bob contacted me and offered me a partnership. “You could have stolen those drawings,” he said. “Not what I do,” said I.
And from there I have worked as the managing partner along with Bob to get RP Watkins products direct to the consumer quicker, and in the hands of distribution like Amazon and other supply chains coming.

For you ledger board folks, we are offering the new patent-pending One Ledge one-piece ledger board system for ICF (see new 2018 engineering) and our One Plate products for stronger connections anywhere in the wall you need them as well.

Also, we are improving on our Original Watkins Hanger design based on your input and we have added functionality for party wall installation so you can use the same strands of rebar for all hangers horizontally in party wall applications.

We appreciate your support and promise to continue our quest to “make ICF easier” with products more readily available in 2018.

Kind regards,

Michael Summers
Managing Partner RP Watkins LLC